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ShareBuilder Cyber Monday Deal

December 2nd, 2013 at 04:05 am

Today only open a custodial account and receive a $100 bonus after your first trade. Looks like adults can use it too.

From my email:
Today only, open a Capital One® ShareBuilder® Custodial account with promo code GIFTSTOCK13
By Dec. 31, 2013, make just one trade or automatic investment
Bingo! You've earned a $100 bonus to help get that kid off to a good start.
For adults the code is CYBMON13
I just opened one for my son and my grandson.

My other Cyber Monday purchase was a new Kindle Fire (I have one and LOVE it but the screen went black after dropping it). The low end one (8gb) is $139 with ads. I got the 16gb without ads on sale for $134. I used Amazon credits from Swagbucks and paid $92.85 total for the Kindle Fire and a case. I put it on my Capital One card which doubles the manufacturer warranty. The first one that dropped would have been around $50 to fix. I figure I got an updated model and a case for only $42 more.

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