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Getting Organized

November 4th, 2015 at 04:40 am

I am officially back to being self-employed as of Monday. I have one more full paycheck on Friday, but I also will get paid a week's vacation.

I organized my banking so all of my income goes to one account and I did a spreadsheet for mystery shopping. On average,that alone should net me $1300 plus reimbursements. I always make sure my reimbursements reduce my household budget. I often get gas, groceries, and small household items. I have reduced my household budget to $260 a month out-of-pocket. The rest will be covered by my reimbursements.

I did all the paperwork for the merchandising job. I will actually be an employee, although I will be able to take what I want for work. I am also starting the training on the editing job. I will get paid per report for that, but should average about a $1500 a month I am told. Next week I will get fingerprinted for subbing.

Waiting to hear about Cobra from my job. I can't believe they didn't do an exit interview (large company). I did set up disability insurance through Freelancer's Union the other day.

Snowflakes: $10 Amazon through Swagbucks (I decided not to wait on the $25) and another $1 Amazon through Mpoints.

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