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April Mystery Shopping Earnings

May 1st, 2016 at 07:16 am

It's been awhile, but I am trying to get back to reporting my shopping. I only shopped local (within 25 miles) and only 4 shops had a bonus. This is for 25 shops, which is far less than my norm. I will increase it to full speed in July. I still teach the first few days of June, have a vacation, and am of course am teaching all of May. So, I will just do what I can until then.

Cash Earnings: $248
Reimbursements: $127

Reimbursements included $49 for groceries, $50 in meals, $5 for socks, $2 for small bottles of dish detergent, $1 for a pack of good pens on clearance, $5 for a shirt at Goodwill, and $15 for a bottle of liquor.

Edited to add: Yes, the cash earnings are low at a little less than $10 average per shop. However, 5 shops were phone shops. I did not have to leave the house. They pay a little less, but not having to go anywhere makes it worth it to me.

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