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Great Deal on Trip!

May 8th, 2016 at 09:40 am

I booked the June trip to Ft. Lauderdale yesterday. My son and I are going to visit my older two kids and my grandkids. I got two roundtrip plane tickets for $162! We can only take a small personal item and did not get to choose seats. It's a fairly short flight,so I can handle a middle seat if need be. My son is 17, so it also doesn't matter if we can't sit together. I will ship down a small box of clothes a couple of days in advance. I got the rental discount through my daughter and a full size car for the week was $117. So, the grand total is $279! I am also scheduling four or five restaurant mystery shops so most of the food will be reimbursed. I also have a place to stay, so no hotel. I am so pleased with the total! Of course, I probably need to add $40-50 for shipping the clothes both ways, but I can get at least $12 back with a post office mystery shop.

I am overwhelmed with a ton of editing today, but again, my bank account is looking much better. Of course, I will be very happy when I have time off from both editing and school come mid-June! Excuse any typos, my keyboard is having issues. Happy Mother's Day.

4 Responses to “Great Deal on Trip!”

  1. Kiki Says:

    What mystery shop company do you use? I am bored by the ones offered by my current company.

  2. Stephanie Says:

    The deals sound awesome. Check out the USPS flat rate boxes for shipping your clothes. It's priority mailing and you stuff the box full for one price. I have used this shipping option a lot lately and have been quite satisfied.

    Have a wonderful vacation and enjoy your kids and grand babies.

  3. Laura S. Says:

    @Kiki, There are over 200 companies. I regularly shop with about twenty. Since I am unfamiliar with your experience I would suggest the following who have shops throughout the country: A Closer Look, Market Force, Best Mark, Trendsource, Techology Store Shopper, and Maritz

  4. LivingAlmostLarge Says:

    Wow. great deal. Could you put up the list again of the mystery shopping compnies.

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