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Christmas Plans Changed

December 20th, 2016 at 05:37 am

Christmas plans have completely changed. My stepson called and said it is too far to drive from his in-laws in the Jacksonville area to see us in the Panhandle. He said the drive is too much with kids. He wanted us to come to him. I do not have the time off, and my son and his friend both have flights here the 26th and 27th. DH took time off and was going to take the car to go see him. I told him that was not happening. My car needs work and is okay for short drives temporarily, but it needs to two tires, a tune up, an alignment and possibly fuel injectors. I already planned to do this in January. Mind you DH didn't want to pay for any of the work because we are splitting up in a few months. I couldn't do it this week even if I wanted to. The money is in Capital One and by time I transfer it, the work wouldn't be done in time.

So, DH is renting a car and leaving Christmas Day and coming back by the 29th. I understand not wanting to drive several hours with kids, but I am a little ticked. This was not an issue when the original plans were made. DH and I don't mix finances, but the general idea of having to rent a car and get a hotel room irks me considering it was sprung on him last minute. In the end, I realize it is a moot point to let it bother me. It doesn't affect me personally. I just don't get others' line of thinking at times

My Christmas celebration will be on the 27th with my son and his best friend. His friend's flight arrives in the morning. We will do a Christmas dinner (I am off that day), and I will give them their gifts. I will have the house to myself Christmas Day. I suppose if I feel cooped up at any point, I can go see a movie.

3 Responses to “Christmas Plans Changed”

  1. SecretarySaving Says:

    I also have capital one. Now, you can go into the capital one bank and get money from your account. I had to get a $9K cashiers check when I bought my car. I hope with all that is going on that you have a lovely Christmas.

  2. PatientSaver Says:

    I think it's very nice that you're sharing your holiday with your son's best friend, and even giving him a present? Very thoughtful.

  3. Buendia Says:

    I would have been irritated, too... you're handling it really well! Before I was married and had a family (because my parents don't celebrate Christmas), I always went to the movies on Christmas Day - it was fun!

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