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Amazon and Spending July 6-9

July 10th, 2017 at 04:41 am

I made a decision to stop saving for the laptop with Amazon funds. I was hovering between 100 and 125 the last few months. I never got past that because legitimate purchases would come up (printer ink, grad gifts). My laptop is fine at the moment. My oldest son said he has a cheap spare if I have an issue.

Once I start subbing, I can save to purchase one. I figure I should be able to replace it no later than Black Friday. It also will not limit me to Amazon.

I spent $113.38 Thursday on Amazon which nearly wiped out the funds. However, I purchased a lot of needs. It felt good not to spend actual cash. I got a new pair of sneakers. Mine are over a year old, and I wear them almost every day. I also got a bra. I ordered a Prime Pantry box (I had free shipping) as well. I got enough household goods to last the remainder of the summer. I bought a handful of food items including a cake mix for my son's birthday cake.

I was going to hold off until Prime Day. However, a few of the pantry items and the sneakers were low on stock. I doubt there would have been deals on what I bought anyhow other than free pantry shipping, which I had anyhow.

All of this will help my bottom line a great deal. I usually have $75 per week to spend (gas, groceries, household goods, laundry, fun money). I am going to cut that back to $60 for two months. My gas spending in nearly nil these days. Between mystery shops and Aldi, grocery spending is low as well. I am washing the small stuff in the mini washer. Laundry is $3.25 per load. I am trying to keep it down to two loads a week (for both me and my son).

Friday's spending-$34.43

This was for gas, a birthday card, fixings for taco salad (This was to feed older son's family upon arrival) and dryer sheets. My son was supposed to pick the dryer sheets up (which is why they weren't part of the pantry order), but he never did.

Saturday's Spending -$6.07

I bought milk, juice and shredded cheese. My brain apparently was not working well enough on Friday.

Sunday Spending $0

Unfortunately, today will be major spending. However, it will come out of the Emergency Fund. I have a flat tire. I was due to replace the two back tires in the fall anyhow. I am hoping it will be $250 or less. The roads are terrible in MI. It isn't worth bothering putting on top of the line tires. I was just offered another side project at work, so I should be able to replace this money later next month.

4 Responses to “Amazon and Spending July 6-9”

  1. CB in the City Says:

    Do you mean you have a mini washer in your unit which is free, and that laundry in your communal laundry room is $3.25? That is a bit pricey; mine is $1.50. I realize I am lucky, though the equipment is pretty old and funky.

  2. Laura S. Says:

    @CB I have a personal mini washer (It won't fit anything large). It's basically a bucket with a motor. Yes, the communal washers are $1.75, and the dryers here are $1.50.

  3. LivingAlmostLarge Says:

    Maybe cook dinner on Sunday at your other kids place and do laundry? Get it all done at once

  4. rob62521 Says:

    Ouch on the laundry. But even that is cheaper than an actual laundromat. We used one when we were gone for two weeks...a small load of wash was $3 and the dryer was 25 cents for a couple of minutes, but not all of that was drying time. Made me appreciate my washer and dryer that much more.

    Good plan on using your Amazon funds on necessary things.

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