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Spending 7/22-7/29

July 28th, 2017 at 07:35 am

Last Saturday I did the Red Robin mystery shop with my three year old granddaughter and oldest son. It did cost me $5.00 out of pocket, but that was the tip.

I had to go back to the Detroit area to pick my youngest son up from his trip to NH. I went down Monday morning and returned Wednesday afternoon.

I spent $55 this trip (rounded up). I don't feel too guilty because it included gas and my grandson's birthday present. The rest was eating out. I used a lot of gas running around. I spent Monday with a friend and ran errands. Tuesday I visited my cousin and my grandma.

When I got back Wednesday, I needed a few groceries. I spent $21 at Target.

I did manage to make money while I was gone. I did three mystery shops (one in the Detroit area and two on the way home) for a total of $67.00.

I also got freebies. I got a pizza that I was able to redeem from last week' TMobile Tuesday. I also got a beach towel for this week's freebie.

I don't plan on spending anything this weekend other than $12 at Kroger. That will be covered, as it is mystery shop.

Total spending-$81.00

It is a beautiful day today. I already went to the credit union to deposit my paycheck. I have to work, but it is a fairly easy day. I will definitely take a walk and maybe pick up the grandkids and take them to the park. The only issue with that is they never want to leave!

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