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October Goals and September Swagbucks

September 29th, 2013 at 05:44 am

There is one more day in the month, but I don't anticipate not being able to reach the Swagbucks goal. This means I hit it all thirty days. I will get 300 extra Swagbucks in addition to the extra 10 percent each day. This should be a total of around 550 extra Swagbucks! I cashed out 5 $5 Amazon and 3 $5 Walmart this month. All gift cards earned from mid-September through end of November go for Christmas.

October personal finance goals:

Tutoring earnings: $900 (Remember this is still a new business. My ultimate goal is $2100 monthly after paying employees and overhead. I also hope to take a semi-annual bonus. I do have other household income thank goodness.)

Reboot emergency fund and add $26.50 per week. This is the "easy way out" for the 52 week challenge. It comes out to $1378.

Step up the budget. The emergency budget is $2500 per month, which we have been on since August. The "full" budget is $3100. I plan on hitting in between the two at $2800 per month through the end of the year and hope to return to the "full" budget in January (more debt repayment).

Free Shopping Spree

September 13th, 2013 at 04:45 pm

I just spent $26.88 on Amazon for household goods including toothpaste (2), paper towels, razors, shampoo (2), and deodorant. I have Amazon Prime so shipping is free. Actually it is all "free" because my gift card balance was earned from Swagbucks, Instagc, and Media Insiders Panel.

So happy to save a trip to the store and knock $26.88 off the monthly grocery/household good budget for the month!

Business is Picking Up

September 10th, 2013 at 04:36 am

After getting students to tutor with all of our initial leads from my previous boss, things dried up and I have been waiting for mid-month advertising to kick in. I am still waiting on that, but doing some work online listing the business in directories is paying off. We obtained four new students!

I am hoping by mid-October to be able to take my planned salary. Right now I am taking very little. This is okay for another month or so, but eventually it will be a huge issue. However, I firmly believe we will be fine and have plenty of students to tutor very soon.

I also got a windfall yesterday. I had written for a chicken company early in the summer and had told I would get a check within two weeks. It never came. Finally, after a third email last week I received a $50 check yesterday. It will go to help rebuild the emergency fund.