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Keep an Eye Out for Black Friday Credit Union and Bank Deals

November 26th, 2013 at 06:46 am

If you are in New England and have a Service Credit Union (mainly in Walmart), they have a spectacular deal on Friday! I almost fell over-11% (Yes, ELEVEN) on a 3 month savings certificate! It is for anywhere between $250 and $1000. Since my emergency fund is low, I don't want to tie up my regular account. However, I think I will withdraw some of the business savings and put it in a certificate. Best of all you don't have to be a new customer or have other accounts with them.

Even if you don't have this credit union in your area, I find credit unions in general have offered some pretty sweet Black Friday deals. Of course, online banks often do too!

Christmas Shopping and Extra Income

November 23rd, 2013 at 03:49 pm

I did some Christmas shopping today. We are keeping the budget VERY low this year. It was agreed to only get the grand kids a small gift for under $10. They range from 15 months to 7 years old and none live near usFrown Anyhow, I found recordable story books (good ones too!) for $5 each (if you are in New England they are at Ocean State Job Lot). I got those for the three youngest. Walmart had several games on sale for $5 and I got two of those for the oldest two. All five grand kids are done for only $25 (and if I play my cards right I can pick up post office mystery shops to cover the shipping).

I have done very little with my "regular" blog in the last several months. Therefore, I was pleasantly surprised to be offered three sponsored posts yesterday. One for $25 and two for $40 each. I also picked up three very easy mystery shops in early December for $15 each. A total of $150 extra income and pretty easy work overall.

On the tutoring front, business is picking up as well. I signed on a new student yesterday and a couple other promising prospects.

I am definitely very thankful for the past few days. They have been good to me!

Every Little Bit Counts

November 16th, 2013 at 03:03 pm

I am happy to report without a heck of a lot of effort I earned $35 today. I did two mystery shops ($12 and $15) at the mall (very easy ones with no purchase and the reports each only took five minutes), a Pinecone survey ($3), and a Nielson survey ($5). I also got a nice walk in at the mall and didn't spend a dime other than the gas to get there (only five miles).

I actually earned a few bucks more because I reached both of my Swagbucks goals (total of 140) and earned over $2 on Instagc today as well. Not bad for a day off!

October Updates and Pinecone Question

November 1st, 2013 at 05:27 am

I hit the goal all month again in Swagbucks. I cashed out 5 $5 Amazon gift cards (bought household goods), 2 $5 Walmart gift cards, and 2 $5 Target gift cards (stocking stuffers). I hope to earn $50 in November.

The tutoring business is moving along nicely. It took in $600 more than last month. I, of course am still not taking a full paycheck. I took home even less than originally planned because I did some newspaper advertising (it's report card time). Luckily for me freelancing picked up the last week or so.

I am regularly adding to savings ($26.50 which equals the 52 week challenge) and hope to take my student loans off deferment soon.

I see others have successfully went from a check through Pinecone to PayPal. I guess I am in the minority. They gave me a debit card which they load my payments on. I asked to be switched to PayPal and was told it isn't an option if you have the card (I never wanted the card, but Pinecone decides how to pay you). Anyone else in this predicament?

I hope everyone did well in October and hits their November goals as well!