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Kids' Christmas and Birthday Shopping Done!

June 6th, 2018 at 06:00 am

I went to one Toys R Us last week and another this week. I was told they would be closed by the end of June. I managed to buy for four kids Xmas and Birthdays. I spent $158 total, but I had it in my sinking funds. I figured better to spend it now than to pay full price (or close to it) later on.

I also bought an extra gift for my grandson for finishing Kindergarten this week. I did additional shopping on behalf of a friend as well for her grandson. That is not included in the total. She will reimburse me.

In case you're curious, the markdowns average 50% off (40-60%). There was even new stuff. For example, I got my grandson Incredibles 2 toys.

They are the last of the Toys R Us Kids Frown