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Need Advice on Germany/Europe

February 23rd, 2019 at 09:49 am

I know several of you fly to Europe fairly regularly. My generous aunt and uncle want to fly me to see my son in Germany this year. I am looking to go in September. I found a flight for $780 round trip including taxes and checked bags (From DTW). Is this a decent price?

I am only going for a week, so if I only can get to one other country, what would your recommend other than France (son and I have no interest)?

Thanks in advance!

"Free" Car!

February 13th, 2019 at 02:59 am

It feels like there will be school all summer at this point. Out of the last 13 school days, there has been school for 3 of those days. Needless to say my subbing income has been nearly non-existent. Thank goodness for increased editing and shopping.

On another note, my dad wants a new car. He has agreed to sell me his car for half of what its worth! It is a 2013 Chevy Impala with 36,500 miles. I am going to get it (after he buys the new car) for 3k! I should be able to sell mine for right around that, so in the end basically a new, free to me car! He also said I could wait to pay him until I move in with him in June so things are less tight for me with the lost income lately. I figure I will give him 1k up front anyhow and hang on to the rest of the sale of my car as a buffer until June.

I have some other potentially good money news, but I was sworn to secrecy. I am also not counting my chickens until they hatch!

Mystery Shopping Income Update

February 3rd, 2019 at 05:10 am

I have been upping my game and doing more mystery shopping. I had really slowed down since late summer. I earned $413.50 in fees and $47 in reimbursements for January. This was for 41 shops. This is low because 70% of the shops were phone calls that were $7 each. They took 12 minutes on average, including the call and report. This money was earned in January, but much of it will be paid out in late February. I only worked for 7 companies. There are about 200 companies (not all have work in all areas), so there definitely is potential for a lot of income. I only traveled more than 3 miles for one shop (15 miles and that was because it brought on potential for more work in the future closer to home). Only two of the shops had bonuses.

For February, I have 13 shops scheduled so far with an income of $147 and $18 in reimbursements. I am not doing restaurant shops. My reimbursements are groceries, and one is for hardware. I hope to do about 50 shops total. Of course with winter, I don't schedule too far ahead. I will be working near home and by my dad's in the Detroit area. He is going to Florida and told me I could use his car while he is gone. So, I will watch the house and be able to do a lot of shopping in an area with more work (and little travel).