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Cyber Shopping

November 30th, 2015 at 05:13 am

I only purchased two items during the weekend shopping frenzy and I bought them both online. As a matter of fact on Black Friday, I took my phone and used it to make money. I used Shopkick and Checkpoints to check in and scan items.

I did purchase the Kindle Fire that was on sale for $34.99 late Wednesday night and it arrived on Friday! I went back and forth deciding if I should, but my other one is 2 years old and the power button is sticking often. I use my Kindle Fire every day (sometimes for work too). So, I bought it for $21 after taxes and Amazon credit. This morning I made my other purchase on Target.com. I bought my son a pair of jeans for Christmas. They started at $18.55 including tax. By the time I used my Red Card, used the 15% off Target is offering today, and gift cards from Shopkick, I paid $6.98 including tax. I also get free shipping.

I am doing very little shopping this year. I am only buying for my son (spending $50 or less), my nephew (I stick to no more than $15), my grandmother ($25) and putting savings of $25 each in my two grandkids accounts, that will be it. My adult kids and I don't exchange. My husband still isn't working (that is a post for another time) so no exchange there either. I should spend less than $150 total. One part of me feels slightly guilty. However, I do not want to spend money I don't have and everyone has so much stuff already.

I did have my friend crochet some really nice stockings for my grandkids too. I paid for the supplies when I visited her in Michigan last January. I picked them up when I went back in October. My daughter brought them to my son's house on Thanksgiving. I wish the picture feature worked here so I could post how nice they turned out.

On a financial note, I am keeping a tight budget until my first full paycheck at the new job on the 17th. Thank goodness for savings and mystery shopping income. It will pull me through in the meantime.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.

Health Care Share Plans/Paypal

November 18th, 2015 at 02:24 pm

Does anyone here participate or know someone who participates in a health care share plan? I read a blog where the author reviewed Liberty Health Share. I am intrigued and considering trying it out now that I am working for myself again. I am not a fan of the Affordable Care Act and the plans are well-outside my budget. The health share does allow you legally opt out of the ACA without penalty. In short, you pay a monthly fee, have a $500 "deductible" and then you are covered either 70 or 100% depending on what you choose. It isn't insurance per se, but it quite similar, the members all pay into it for coverage. If anyone is interested in learning more the url is : http://www.libertyhealthshare.org/

On another note, is anyone having issues with having to continuously verify their info with Paypal lately? I get a lot of payments for mystery shopping and the last two weeks I constantly have to verify with a code.

Finally, not sure if I mentioned it here yet, but I officially have the editing job!It's work from home four days on, two days off, and I have 24 hours to complete my edits so no set schedule each day. I am very excited!

Frugal Day Out and Snowflakes

November 15th, 2015 at 07:45 am

Today I am going to the movies alone. It will be free (eventually, I have to pay up front) because it is a mystery shop. I was hoping to see The Peanuts Movie, but it isn't showing at this theater. I will see the Cooper (I forget the exact name) Christmas movie since there really isn't anything interesting playing. I am going alone. My husband's been ill and my son is working. I also get a drink and candy or popcorn as my reimbursement. I will also get paid $5 cash.

Afterward I am going to stop at Target and get in on the last day of the buy one, get one holiday drinks at Starbucks. I think I can use a Target gift card. If that is the case it will cost me nothing since I have five dollars on a Target e gift card from Shopkick. I will bring the second drink home to my son who should be home from work by then.

Between the movies and stopping at Target I will stop and do a cell phone mystery shop for another $15.00.

**** Snowflakes****

This past week I did well on snowflakes:

$25 PayPal from Media Insiders Panel
$3 Amazon from Swagbucks
$1 Amazon from MPoints
and I am up to $8.44 in Google Play credit from the Google Rewards app.

Frugal Office

November 11th, 2015 at 05:05 pm

I had a cheap desk when I lived in NH and gave it to my son's friend who helped pack the moving truck. Space was limited and the kid really liked it.

Anyhow, I hadn't been in a hurry to replace it down here in FL until now. Since I am self-employed again, I really need one. Sitting on couch with the laptop for hours wasn't cutting it. I found a cheap desk on Amazon for $62.50 that would suit my needs. I had Amazon credit so after tax it only cost me $2.17 out-of-pocket. When DH was putting it together, the slide out for the keyboard was missing. Not a big deal since I use a laptop, but I did let Amazon know. They credited me $12.60!

I also needed a chair since I had given my son my other office chair. I didn't have the heart to take it back after three months. I drove by a thrift store today and stopped in. I got a very nice cloth chair with head rest in mint condition for $20.

After figuring in what I gained back in Amazon credit, I spent $10 for a desk and chair. Not bad at all!

Getting Organized

November 4th, 2015 at 04:40 am

I am officially back to being self-employed as of Monday. I have one more full paycheck on Friday, but I also will get paid a week's vacation.

I organized my banking so all of my income goes to one account and I did a spreadsheet for mystery shopping. On average,that alone should net me $1300 plus reimbursements. I always make sure my reimbursements reduce my household budget. I often get gas, groceries, and small household items. I have reduced my household budget to $260 a month out-of-pocket. The rest will be covered by my reimbursements.

I did all the paperwork for the merchandising job. I will actually be an employee, although I will be able to take what I want for work. I am also starting the training on the editing job. I will get paid per report for that, but should average about a $1500 a month I am told. Next week I will get fingerprinted for subbing.

Waiting to hear about Cobra from my job. I can't believe they didn't do an exit interview (large company). I did set up disability insurance through Freelancer's Union the other day.

Snowflakes: $10 Amazon through Swagbucks (I decided not to wait on the $25) and another $1 Amazon through Mpoints.