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October 31st, 2015 at 05:07 am

In summary for those that aren't aware, I moved to the Florida panhandle in March for a job recommended by a friend. The good news is I like the area. The bad news is over time I grew to hate the job. It was an entirely new career for me (condo management) and the lack of training was frustrating. I let them know my initial concerns my interview. I was told they hire for attitude, not experience and they would teach me what I didn't know.

I did a lot of thinking when I took a vacation week in early October to visit my mom who has been ill in Michigan. When I returned I spent an entire day applying for jobs I would enjoy and would allow me some flexibility.

I am in the final stages of being hired for a part-time editing position from home, I am also doing a LOT of mystery shopping (I have done it close to full time in the past and have made pretty decent money), and I only have one more step to being able to sub in the local schools. Finally, I was also offered some merchandising work (as an independent contractor).

I did the math and I will be able to replace my income including insurance. I gave my notice and they only held me to one week because they had someone to fill my position. Yesterday was my last day. I have such a sense of relief!

I look forward to enjoying my new area (The job took everything out of me and I barely left the house since August when things went downhill) and my new jobs. I am thankful for the abundance of opportunities and multiple streams of income.

On a side note, I had the following recent snowflakes:

$3 Amazon from mPoints
$9 Paypal from Pinecone

Happy Halloween everyone!

Latest Snowflakes

October 16th, 2015 at 07:02 pm

While I was on vacation last week I cashed out for $2 Amazon through mPoints. I also cashed out another $1 this morning (mPoints) and another $5 via instagc (all Amazon).

Right now I am saving my Swagbucks. The $25 Amazon card is discounted so it makes sense to hold off for that. In the future I will go for Paypal, but from October through mid-December I would like to get as much Amazon credit as possible for Christmas spending. I have $23 right now.

I also earned $1.80 through Google Rewards. My daughter had me sign up last week when we were on our trip. I don't have any plans for those earnings right now, so I will let them add up.