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First Week Done-Not What I Expected

September 23rd, 2018 at 06:05 am

Well, I bit off more than I can chew. I have been working until after 10 PM each night and get back up at 5:30. I even work while eating dinner, and one night I completely forgot about it.

The school is a good school, and the students are good overall. There are no major issues with the kids. However, the expectation seems to be I will come in about an hour before school starts and stay an hour after, for a grand total of $150 per day. I am also the only one without a planning period. I am also expected to be at conferences for an additional three hours twice this week (no extra money). The department head even asked me if there was any way I could meet with him on the weekend to plan ahead.

The good news is I work for the staffing company and not the school. If I leave, I still have my regular subbing available in several school districts.

The question is how long to risk my health and sanity. The job is posted for a regular teacher, but no bites so far. This is the best district in the area too. It pays decent for someone who would be hired through the district itself (it would be closer to $200 per day).

I am not sure what I will do. This school runs in trimesters, and this one ends right at my Vegas vacation. By the way, they indicated they aren't thrilled about it. However, I was upfront about it and told them it was a conference for my other job and already paid for.

My hope is someone will apply and get hired to step in for the second trimester. The extra income is nice, but I am not thrilled working 14-15 hour days (I also work 6-8 hour days on the weekends in general with my other job).

What makes me most sad is I will barely see my son when he visits before going to Germany for two years. I am going home right after school the week he is here, and I don't care who gets upset.

I knew what I was getting into...to a point. I planned on coming in early OR staying late but not both. I was hoping to sit and grade/plan at home for the most part. I also expected since I came in the fifth week of school to get a little more guidance/help than I have.

On a good note, I am loving the new responsibilities with my editing job.

Okay enough complaining. Thanks for letting me vent.

Work, Work, Work...

September 15th, 2018 at 07:02 am

In addition to the new teaching job, I got offered more responsibility with my editing job. I am adding an hourly position which will consume about 8 hours per week. I took this because it is interesting, and the teaching job could end at any point. However, I will have practically zero free time.

Since I want to keep saving more for retirement, replace my car and buy a home within the next two years, every extra dime will go to these goals.

After I get a couple paychecks, I will add the savings to my sidebar. I need to pay off this personal loan as well. If I pay as usual, it would be paid off near the end of February. At this point, I want it paid off no later than Thanksgiving.

New Job

September 13th, 2018 at 02:08 pm

I've said it before, jobs tend to fall in my lap. It happened again. I was on the website looking for what was available for subbing next week. There was a note that one of the local high schools was looking for an English Teacher/long-term sub. I called and within 2 hours had an interview with a follow up interview today. I got the job. I start on Tuesday. It could go a few weeks or all year. That is up in the air. The pay rate is double what a regular day-to-day sub gets.

I am going to live on my regular budget. I will pay off my personal loan by the end of next month. The rest of the extra will go to savings for the summer months and my IRA.

It will be a challenge. The students are on week 4 and have different subs in nearly every day. However, it's a great district, so I am hopeful it will turn out fine!

P.S. My daughter's flight made it here with no issues! I will let you know what damage her area gets.

The Calm Before the Storm

September 11th, 2018 at 04:09 am

Over the last couple of days I could comment but not log in. I know someone else mentioned having this issue recently. Anyhow, it is working now.

This past two weeks has been a roller coaster. Grandma did not adjust to the assisted living and is in a hospital awaiting a permanent placement. The dementia is getting a lot worse. I hope they find a placement asap. It is so sad and frustrating.

My mom's health is declining as well, but I will hold those details for a future post.

My youngest son called last Wednesday. He was supposed to be home on leave this weekend. They changed it last minute, and now he is in Georgia training for three weeks first. He had to pack up and get there in two days, but he made it fine. I think he is far enough south to not have too many issues from the hurricane (coastal GA).

My daughter is in the direct path of the hurricane. They are under mandatory evacuation this morning. She is in NC near the SC border, just a little north of Myrtle Beach. Thankfully, they are renting a furnished place. I have no doubt their place will be gone if it stays on the current path (and intensity). They removed their personal belongings last night. She is just under 6 months pregnant. She called her doctor who said she was okay to fly if the flight was under 4 hours. She booked a one way tomorrow (Pray the flight gets out!) for only $160. I worry about her DH who is a lineman and will work up to 18 hours days, not to mention have to go through the storm. I am thankful her mother-in-law who lives inland is storing their stuff, her car and watching their dog.

So yes, I am incredibly stressed. However, I am also excited to see my daughter this week (Her birthday is Thursday too!) and my son in a few weeks. I wish they could have been here at the same time, but I will take what I can get. My grandkids (via my oldest who lives by me) are going to get two major surprises because they have no clue of either visit. I cannot wait to see their faces!

Thinking of CCF and everyone else who has to weather the storm. Stay safe and let us know you are okay when you can.

Financial Update

September 1st, 2018 at 07:08 am

I paid $145 to the IRS in August. I will pay it off later this week when I get my final check for caring for grandma. I am plugging along with the personal loan.

Last month, I also cashed out for a $3 Dunkin Donuts card and a $25 Amazon gift card through Swagbucks.

On the health front, now that I am going to be home on a regular basis, I hope to get in the pool at least five days a week for at least a half hour.

I am toying with the idea of purchasing a house in 2019. I am not sure it is feasible, but I am getting my ducks in a row. I want a small home with a mortgage of no more than $80,000. I should be able to do this in the town I have targeted. If not 2019, I should be able to do it in 2020. I will keep you all posted.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday weekend!