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Snowflakes Etc.

December 22nd, 2016 at 01:06 pm

Christmas Day it will go in the 70s here, but I still am seeing snowflakes! I have done very well this week.

I got a $5 Amazon through a new app I downloaded (Mobile Meter).

I just cashed out $22 on Pinecone. I took $15 in cash, got a $5 Starbucks card and also got a $2 Virtual Visa card.

The best part was the freebies/discounts for TMobile Tuesdays this week! I got a free sub, a free pair of hat and gloves (I was only supposed to get one or the other, but she gave me both), two pairs of socks through Zappos, and half off a Boxed.com order.

I cannot believe how expensive Zappos is. I had a $25 credit and free shipping. All I could afford were the two pair of socks! Boxed.com was also free shipping and $10 off at least $19.99. I spend $11.98 out of pocket for a case of Gatorade and a 30 pack of Sun Chips. I would have never paid the full asking price, but I thought that was a good deal. All items were already delivered too.

Like I said, as adults we don't exchange Christmas gifts, so I guess all that was Christmas to myself!

Christmas Plans Changed

December 20th, 2016 at 05:37 am

Christmas plans have completely changed. My stepson called and said it is too far to drive from his in-laws in the Jacksonville area to see us in the Panhandle. He said the drive is too much with kids. He wanted us to come to him. I do not have the time off, and my son and his friend both have flights here the 26th and 27th. DH took time off and was going to take the car to go see him. I told him that was not happening. My car needs work and is okay for short drives temporarily, but it needs to two tires, a tune up, an alignment and possibly fuel injectors. I already planned to do this in January. Mind you DH didn't want to pay for any of the work because we are splitting up in a few months. I couldn't do it this week even if I wanted to. The money is in Capital One and by time I transfer it, the work wouldn't be done in time.

So, DH is renting a car and leaving Christmas Day and coming back by the 29th. I understand not wanting to drive several hours with kids, but I am a little ticked. This was not an issue when the original plans were made. DH and I don't mix finances, but the general idea of having to rent a car and get a hotel room irks me considering it was sprung on him last minute. In the end, I realize it is a moot point to let it bother me. It doesn't affect me personally. I just don't get others' line of thinking at times

My Christmas celebration will be on the 27th with my son and his best friend. His friend's flight arrives in the morning. We will do a Christmas dinner (I am off that day), and I will give them their gifts. I will have the house to myself Christmas Day. I suppose if I feel cooped up at any point, I can go see a movie.

Scholarship Award

December 16th, 2016 at 02:56 pm

My son got his award letter today! MSU has granted him 11 k per year in scholarship money and a one time study abroad scholarship (up to 5k). He already has 1500 from back in elementary school. Dr. Ben Carson sponsored that one. I remember he had to write an essay. He won that in 4th grade. He has also been applying for obscure scholarships he's found FastWeb lately. I am so incredibly proud of him. His hard work is paying off for him quite well!

Holiday Bonus

December 16th, 2016 at 05:50 am

I printed my paycheck this morning (Yes, it is odd. Our check is emailed to us! The credit union processes it with no issue.). When I logged into the secure site to get my check, I realized I got a $50 holiday bonus. It was a pleasant surprise because not only did we not get anything last year (Of course I was only there a month at the time, so maybe I just didn't get anything.), but we are independent contractors.

I ended up spending another $28.50 on gifts. I donated $7 to the gift baskets for my main boss and the two bosses above her (suggested amount). I also ordered a gift for my grandma on Amazon. She is the one adult I buy for. I was told not to, but I wanted to, so I did! I had $10 credit, which kept the total down. She always sang the song, "I Love You a Bushel and a Peck" to us as kids. I bought her a photo frame with the saying and a small box of chocolates. I paid to have the frame wrapped as well. I am now officially done!

I sent the remainder of the bonus to the moving fund. I also got my regular monthly bonus, which covered my taxes out of this check.

Total Christmas Spending: $145.17

I got a raise too!

December 6th, 2016 at 03:14 pm

Ceejay's post reminded me about posting my own raise. I just received my evaluation and got a 4% raise. Although in most ways we are treated like employees, we are independent contractors as editors. This is because we are paid per edit and have flexible hours (We do work certain days.) My raise is per edit.

I did not get a raise on my hourly position with the company since I have only been doing it since July.

Christmas Spending Total

December 2nd, 2016 at 07:48 am

Christmas spending is done. Here is the breakdown:

Mini fridge for son-$49 (My daughter contributed half as an early grad gift for her brother).

MSU hat for son-$15.90

MSU shirt for son-$15 ($5 Amazon credit).

$25 movie gift card-$0 (You.gov redemption) I will give this to my son's best friend. Since he is here when we are celebrating, I would feel bad not to have something for him.

Lighted hover ball for nephew-$7 (free shipping, 15% off, and $2 gift card used)

Spice set-$0 (mystery shop). I am sending this to daughter and her bf's mom who are cooking a big Christmas dinner.

Dress up set, Batman and copter, activity book for grandkids-$12.77 ($30 in Amazon credit, Prime shipping).

Stocking stuffers for DH grandkids who will be visiting (He bought their gifts. I wanted to contribute so made stockings)-$5 (15% off at Target. I had extra stockings so just needed the stuffers.)

Candy for all stockings-approximately $8 (I lost this receipt somehow. I did get the 15% off at Target and the candy was on sale.)

Dental floss for son and friend's stockings-$0 (I got these on grocery store mystery shop. It's a running joke between them.)


There will be food bought for our belated celebration. However, nothing will come out of my pocket. DH will cover anything not covered with grocery store mystery shops. Edited to add: $3 for wrapping paper. All spending was cash!