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Financial Accomplishments

August 17th, 2018 at 05:13 am

My grandma's habit when she had her faculties was to go to the bank at the beginning of the month. She would pay her bills, put a little in savings and pull out cash for her groceries and spending. She was responsible when it came to her finances.

I wanted to use the money I was paid for her care wisely. She worked hard to earn this money. I wanted to know she would be proud of me. I accomplished the following from April through now.

-Cash flowed car repairs/maintenance

-Cash flowed new laptop (definitely a need)

-Cash flowed Vegas trip coming up in November (business other than the last day is for pleasure)

-Saved $1000

-Saved an additional $300 for loss of income during trip to Vegas

-Paid off a personal loan and the IRS and have made a large dent in another personal loan

-Added an additional $50 per month in my IRA

I am satisfied with where the money went, and I hope she would be too.

Changes are Coming

August 15th, 2018 at 05:59 am

My time caring for my grandma is coming to an end. Unfortunately, she has had a large decline in the last week. She no longer recognizes her home and is getting feisty because we won't take her home. My aunt found a beautiful assisted living facility. She will be going there September 1st.

I will readjust my September budget. School will be starting, so I am sure by mid September subbing will be in full gear. I am also being given a two week severance.

I will pay the IRS off and put an extra month's rent in savings beyond what I already have saved. This will leave the personal loan and student loans. I have to talk to them as I was due to readjust my income based payments.

I am going to start booking more mystery shopping for September too. However, I do plan on taking it easy and working a light schedule the first week. I need to recoup.