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Yet Another Windfall

February 25th, 2014 at 03:41 am

What a week! We had already made $3639 this week from our tax refund and selling a third vehicle. Now I finally sold the handbag I had received for Christmas (the fancy Michael Kors one I blogged about). Add another 242 to the total! Actually, I will say about $220 after Ebay fees and shipping (The original listing didn't budge. Second time around hubby put free shipping and it worked like a charm). The money from the handbag will go toward my student loans.

So our grand total is $3859! I am pretty sure that is the last of the windfalls for awhile, but I am quite satisfied.

Another Windfall

February 23rd, 2014 at 05:11 am

Not only are we getting the 2k tax refund (per the IRS it will be deposited on Wednesday), but we sold our third vehicle that was just sitting around. That is another $1600. This means we will be seriously beefing up the emergency fund. It's exciting to be able to pay off the credit card, get all the car repairs done, and put 1k in savings all within a week. I will definitely be sleeping much more soundly.

By the way, there is $1150 allocated to the cars now (timing belt plus the other belts it is customary to replace at the same time and brakes). There were a couple of things the mechanic said we may not need and the total could be anywhere from 850-1150. If it doesn't hit the max, anything we don't spend will go toward our student loans.

We are celebrating by going out to dinner using a Groupon we got for Christmas. The first $30 of our dinner is covered!

Productive Snow Day

February 13th, 2014 at 12:25 pm

This is the second day this month I have had to close the tutoring center due to snow. I finally got my W2 from my past employer yesterday and did my taxes first thing this morning. I am proud to say I was done with them by 8am. This was probably the most complicated return I have ever had with opening the new business and having the freelancing business as well.

I am usually quite good and within $200 either way (refund or owing) every year. By time all was said and done this year (triple checking EVERY detail), we are getting a refund of $2040! Of course, I have it all allocated already.

We will keep $240 and go out to a decent dinner and purchase a few worn out clothing items.

The remaining $1800 will be paid out as follows:

-$800 for new brakes on my car, a timing belt on hubby's car, and two tires. None of these items are absolute immediate needs, but are at the point they shouldn't really be put off for long either.

-$400 to pay off the credit card I used in December for a new laptop to avoid the emergency fund (credit card also doubles the warranty). I don't like having a credit card balance at all! I would have normally have saved up for the laptop, but last year was so out of whack with the new business. Looking forward to a more stable year in 2014.

-$600 to the emergency fund.

On top of taxes, I also caught up on laundry, wrote three freelance articles, and did some virtual assistance work. So much for relaxing on a snow day! I must say though it is quite satisfying to get it all done....for today. Tomorrow I took on four mystery shops (I am trying to build our savings up as fast as possible)and of course I will be tutoring as well. By time Saturday hits, I may sleep half the day.

Hope everyone is staying safe and warm!

Still waiting on W2's

February 10th, 2014 at 07:33 am

I am still waiting on my disorganized old boss to send w2's. I reminded him the deadline to mail them was Jan. 31st and he swore he would have them out by Thursday. As of Saturday, they hadn't arrived (and we live in the same town). The IRS says to give it until the 15th as they allow for the longest possible mailing time.

Now he is just ignoring phone calls and emails. My husband is trying to do an income based repayment plan with his student loans and the deadline is the 15th so I really need to get the taxes done asap. Although they will take pay stubs, they say they would prefer our 2013 return. I am going to have him call them to let them know what is up if I don't have my W2's by Wednesday.

On a good note, I have lost 12 lbs. since the beginning of the year. I gave up coffee other than for a special treat (I have to use French Vanilla creamer and the calories add up) and processed foods. My energy level is amazing since doing so!