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Still waiting on W2's

February 10th, 2014 at 07:33 am

I am still waiting on my disorganized old boss to send w2's. I reminded him the deadline to mail them was Jan. 31st and he swore he would have them out by Thursday. As of Saturday, they hadn't arrived (and we live in the same town). The IRS says to give it until the 15th as they allow for the longest possible mailing time.

Now he is just ignoring phone calls and emails. My husband is trying to do an income based repayment plan with his student loans and the deadline is the 15th so I really need to get the taxes done asap. Although they will take pay stubs, they say they would prefer our 2013 return. I am going to have him call them to let them know what is up if I don't have my W2's by Wednesday.

On a good note, I have lost 12 lbs. since the beginning of the year. I gave up coffee other than for a special treat (I have to use French Vanilla creamer and the calories add up) and processed foods. My energy level is amazing since doing so!

3 Responses to “Still waiting on W2's”

  1. Single Guy Says:

    I could be wrong, but I think the delay has something to do with new laws this year. I am still waiting too (and I know of others), and this is the first my employer has ever been late with them (in 11 years). Not to excuse it, but this is a good example of why you should not have your taxes so that you have a large refund. (OK, I know that's not your issue, but just pointing it out.)

  2. Laura S. Says:

    I have heard of legitimate situations in which W2s are late. In this case, my ex-employer is simply incompetent.

  3. snafu Says:

    Good going on the weight loss, financial frustration often causes the opposite effect. Since you have your pay stubs can't you work out the totals that would fill boxes on the W2 and use that information to complete your tax filing? Since your former employer is disorganized, there is a chance there could be errors but you will have something to compare when the W2 eventually arrives.

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