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Life Update

April 16th, 2019 at 07:49 am

Life has been busy! I was at my daughter's in NC the 4th through 9th visiting. Before I left, I helped the family clear out grandma's house so we could get it on the market. It sold within 24 hours!

After I got back, I cleaned out the room I am taking at my dad's after my lease is up. I hired my BFF daughters to paint it. I will also get new carpet before I move in (paint and carpet were at least 20 years old). I finally came back to my place this past Sunday after being gone 11 days.

My aunt booked her and me a ticket to Florida for mid-May. We are going to stay at my cousin's (her daughter) house. We will be meeting my uncle/her half brother. If you have read previously, I did a lot of research and found this portion of the family in the last year. My cousin met him last week and loved his family.

My goal in the next couple weeks is to finish packing. I am doing the big part of the move on the 11th. After I get back from Florida, I will finish it up.

Come June 1st, I will do a new long-term budget and settle into a routine. =