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This and That

June 8th, 2019 at 05:10 am

I have the best/most generous aunts and uncles. My uncle(dad's brother) is in town from Florida. He, my cousin, her boyfriend and I went to the casino in Windsor, Ontario (for us that is only 20 miles) Thursday. I allowed myself $25 to gamble. I lost it, but my uncle had a $75 credit and my cousin and I shared a machine to use it. We got his money back, and we were up another $100, which he let us split and keep.

I helped an aunt at her garage sale yesterday morning. It was a gorgeous day, so I didn't mind at all. She insisted on giving me $10 for gas.

I am up $35 and recouped my original money I lost gambling.

I am going to use that money for entertaining my grandkids. I have them tomorrow until about noon on Tuesday. I am taking them to a birthday party on Sunday afternoon. On Monday, I will take them bowling (Most bowling alleys offer free bowling in the summer for kids) and to my gym for swimming (lot of kids features including a water slide). I will need to pay for them to rent bowling shoes (if they can't get away with just socks), and it is $5 each for them to join me at the gym. I will not have food costs, as I plan to cook at home. I am sure my dad will take them to McDonald's once though. The rest of the $35 I have will go toward gas. I am meeting my son and daughter-in-law halfway tomorrow, but I am driving them home to Lansing on Tuesday. I do have two mystery shops up there, so that will make the trip even more worthwhile.

The rest of the month is also busy. My cousin and I are going to Indiana on the 19th for three days to visit another cousin. I am allowing a $100 dollar limit. Gas will not be much with two of us splitting it (four hour drive). We will stay at my cousin's house, so no money there. We are going to the zoo and one meal out, so that should be my only additional costs.

On the 27th, my dad and I are driving to NC to see my daughter and her family. My dad and I have a deal that he is paying for this trip. We are going back in October, and I will pay for that trip.

The move is done, and I am settling into my new routine. I have ramped up the mystery shops. My goal is $1000 a month in the summer. I should be able to do about $750 during the school year. I will also sub three days a week. Of course, my main gig is still the editing. I also revived my Fiverr account. I made $20 this week.

Anyhow, that is what is going on around here. I need to get moving. I have two mystery shops to complete before noon (lunch and a hardware store). Have a great weekend everyone!