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Florida Trip Recap

June 28th, 2014 at 06:34 am

Had a great time in Florida visiting my family. The grandkids are so cute. My grandson is almost two and loves to say: "Look!" (high pitched) followed by "Wow!". It is amazing how everything is new and wondrous to young children. The baby is 5 months and rolling over and trying her hardest to crawl.

We ended up going to Key West this past Monday. It was so hot and humid, but overall a nice time. We split the rental, gas, and parking($70). Other spending during the trip included taking my son and his wife to Chili's ($37 including tip) as a thank you for picking me up at the airport and letting me stay with them, a happy meal I split with my grandson at the mall (I estimate $4, I forgot to keep that receipt), and a couple of drinks ($3.50)from the drugstore. I almost forgot my meal in Key West. We ate at Denny's which allowed us to sit and have a meal without paying the prices at the popular restaurants. I had fruit and yogurt. My total was $7 with my portion of the tip.

My overall total was $122 which was over the $100 I had hoped for, but not bad considering all I did.

Since I returned I have been trying to catch up at work and prepare for our trip to northern Maine next weekend (that one will definitely stay within budget).

1 Responses to “Florida Trip Recap”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    I think you did well only going over $22. Trips are expensive and you at least found an alternative to pricey popular restaurants.

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