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More Traveling

July 31st, 2014 at 07:29 am

I feel like I have spent the whole summer spending money on travel. In reality, it has all been planned. I do have one change, but it saved me money. I was going to see my family and friends in Michigan over Columbus Day weekend in October. I was checking plane fares weekly and suddenly they were increasing. I was seriously thinking of cancelling. Paying around $350 to fly from NH to Detroit is not my idea of being frugal. Since it's only a four day weekend driving was out of the question as was flying out of Boston (by time I pay for a shuttle there and back).

On Tuesday I found out my cousin is getting remarried Labor Day weekend and I also found out our schools here have a four day weekend (which means I can close the tutoring center four full days). I decided to look at flights that weekend and expected them to be outrageous. I found a flight and rental car for $298 total. This sure as heck beats $350 for just a flight! The one wrinkle is I will have to take a cab to the airport (6 miles) because my husband is flying home from Seattle that day, so he isn't available. My flight is at 5:30 am so I don't want to ask any friends either.

I will also have to get a wedding gift. One of my other cousins just separated from her husband so she is hurting a bit financially. I am hoping her and I can go together on a small gift. The best part of the whole deal is I have plenty of places to stay for free and all but one meal is already covered between invites to dinners, a barbecue, and the wedding.

In other news, I totaled up my July earnings for mystery shopping and the total came to $1132.58.

2 Responses to “More Traveling”

  1. SecretarySaving Says:

    Great job on the mystery shopping and price of the air and rental car!

  2. CB in the City Says:

    I admire your deal-finding on the air and car rental. I never seem to find the good deals on travel!

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