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Another trip

January 20th, 2018 at 05:10 am

I went to my friend's memorial last Saturday. It was strange. There was a table with photos, but no one got up to speak publicly. It was more or less like a class reunion. I did not feel any closure. As a matter of fact, there is an investigation into the death based on how the body was found.

I am heading back to the Detroit area later this coming week. I am leaving Wednesday afternoon and returning on Sunday. My BFF and I have the same birthday, hence the reason for returning so soon. We are celebrating Saturday night (Bday is next Sunday) via a party at her house. I took a grocery store shop on Saturday and will see what I can provide for the party via that shop.

My bus ticket totaled $24.50. I will take the local bus to the Greyhound station (less than a block to catch that bus), which will be an additional $2.50 round trip. My BFF is picking me up and returning me to the Greyhound station. I will give her $10 for the gas. The trip will cost $37 round trip (200 miles total).

I lined up subbing while I am down there. Those schools pay $10 more a day than they do in this area, which is a plus. My dad always lets me use his car. I help them with errands/cleaning in return, so no cost there. The town where I will sub is next to my grandma's town, so I will visit her after school on Thursday or Friday.

Today, I am taking the free Walmart bus finally. I have $20 set aside for a gift for BFF. Otherwise, my only spending will be the butter I forgot the other day when I went grocery shopping. I will also finally use up my $10 off $10 or more at Staples. There is a fairly large shopping center connected to WM, so I can keep busy the full two hours until the bus returns.

On a side note, I also got my first letter from my son from basic training. He is doing well and was designated a leadership role.

I need to moving now that I have finished my coffee. I want to do a little editing and cleaning before I catch the bus at 11:30 AM. I hope you all have a good weekend!

4 Responses to “Another trip”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    I forgot your son enlisted. Will keep him in prayer during his journey. A very frugal trip it seems you have planned, enjoy!

  2. CB in the City Says:

    I think the kind of memorial you described is becoming more common. I have been to two, and actually I found them more comfortable and meaningful than the more formal type of funeral. But I suppose it all depends on the conversations you have while you are there.

  3. Carol Says:

    I think CB is right. Even just one conversation where you can speak deeply and honestly about the person can give that closure feeling. At least that's been my experience.
    I am sorry for your loss.
    Happy Birthday this Sunday!

  4. frugaltexan75 Says:

    The memorial for my SIL was like that. We had it at her partners home, and people just sort of came and left. It was less stressful in a way than my dad's memorial where we had all this formal stuff planned.

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